Malibu Luxury Real Estate, Year in Review

Malibu Luxury Real Estate, Year in Review

The year in review with regards to Malibu luxury real estate demonstrates that the market is solid. A recent annual report released by Coldwell Banker Global Luxury stresses that luxury home sales are stable and that wealth is growing.  In addition, there are certain items that luxury buyers are looking for. There is no shortage of luxury homes in the Malibu CA area.

Malibu luxury real estate

Judy Kunisaki, Malibu real estate

Luxury Mallibu real estate sales are strong. People are buying homes. The luxury market report notes that the growth in personal wealth is ties to steady luxury home sales. The Malibu area offers the key features luxury buyers are looking for. Location, privacy, security, and elegance are commonplace among luxury homes throughout our California coastal area.

Drilling down further to what luxury home buyers looking for in Malibu CA homes reveals that smart technology, environmentally friendly features, and custom touches are tops on the list. Unique features that make daily living easy, comfortable, and appealing make an impact. Luxury properties in Malibu capitalize on the ocean setting and embrace an active lifestyle and the great outdoors. This includes swimming pools, tennis courts, and outdoor entertaining spaces.

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Click here to view “The Report 2018” from Coldwell Banker Global Luxury.